4 Simple Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

While Kansas City has some frigid winters, the summers can also become quite extreme. As a result, having a HVAC system that is in proper working condition is a must when the temperatures begin to go up. Warmer weather along with extreme humidity means that it is high time to turn on the AC. If you want to ensure your HVAC system works properly and efficiently during the hotter months of the year, then use the maintenance tips found here.

Schedule a Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Even if you don’t use your air conditioner very often, it is still a good idea to have it inspected once a year. As time passes, having a heating and cooling professional inspect the condensate drain for signs of leaks and check the refrigerant levels is a good idea. During their inspection, they can also check the thermostat and controls, inspect the wiring and the coils to make sure there are no issues present. You are going to be able to stay ahead of the game if you fix small issues before they become bigger ones.

Inspect the Outdoor Condenser

Before you turn your air conditioner system on for the first time in the summer, make sure you look around the exterior condenser to see if it is clear and free of any branches, weeds and any other items that may obstruct the air flow. Trim weeds and grass, prune any crowding shrubs to two feet away from the system and remove limbs that may fall on top of the unit. Inside, make sure to check the return vents and supply vents to make sure your drapes, furniture and carpet aren’t blocking the air flow.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Begin the cooling system with a brand new clean air filter. Dirty filters will impede the air flow and result in the air conditioner having to work harder to cool the home. This will not only cost you more, you will also not be as comfortable. Keeping the air filter clean is crucial to maintaining quality air in your home.

Monitor the Amount of Humidity in Your Home

Purchase an inexpensive hygrometer so you can check the levels of humidity in your home. During the summer, the humidity should not get over 40 percent. While that can be a challenge, you can help ensure the AC system is doing its job of dehumidifying the space by taking shorter showers, installing exhaust ventilation in your bathroom and fixing any leaks.

Keeping your HVAC system working properly during the hottest months of the year can be a challenge; however, when you use the tips and information here, it will be easier than you may think. If you want help with this maintenance, then it may be a good idea to contact the professionals. They can help provide the ongoing maintenance and care your system needs to function properly throughout the year.

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