3 Tips to Reduce the Need for HVAC Repairs and Increase Unit Longevity

4 Ways to Get Your HVAC System Ready for a New System

When the seasons change, you likely make a few changes too. You bring out the proper clothing for the weather and may even change the décor in your home. However, that isn’t all you need to change when cooler or hotter weather arrives. You also have to make sure your HVAC is transitioned into the new season. Some tips to help make the transition to fall and winter easier on your HVAC system can be found here.

Check the Airflow at Your Registers

Obstructed or closed registers can negatively impact the pressure balance in your HVAC system and result in efficiency loss or even an sudden equipment shutdown because the system overheats. If you want to prevent these problems, you should make sure your registers are open and they aren’t blocked by any furniture, long curtains, area rugs or other items.

Switch the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

During the summer months, you probably had the blades on your ceiling fan set to spin in a counter-clockwise direction, which pushed the cool air down. Now it is time to put your fan speed on low and switch the direction your fan blades move. There is usually a button that allows you to do this on the housing. This will allow the blades to turn in a clockwise motion so that the cooler air at the floor will be drawn up and so that warm air is sent down.

Replace Your System’s Filter

When the seasons are changing, it is also the ideal time to check and replace your air filter if there are any signs of accumulated dirt. When you have a fresh filter in place it will make sure that the air is able to move freely through your HVAC system. This will help to prevent issues that result from restricted airflow.

Schedule Service from the System by Professionals

When you have your furnace checked by a certified technician, you will have confidence that all the components are working properly. This includes the ventilation flue, heat exchanger, gas burner and blower motor. With their inspection services, you can have peace of mind that these parts are working reliably and safely, which reduces the potential of carbon monoxide leaking inside your home.

When the weather turns cool outside, it is the perfect time to call the professionals for help with your heating system. Making sure it is in good working order now will help minimize issues down the road. It will also help reduce the cost of repairs and help the system last longer.

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