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6 Action Steps to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Many of us are unaware we are not breathing in the cleanest air in our homes, and need to make an effort to improve the indoor air quality. Air pollution happens indoors, as well.

We get cooking fumes, stale air from our HVAC, exhaust from outside, and other outdoor pollutants can get in. There are also items in our homes that can irritate our allergies and respiratory concerns.

6 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality this Spring

Improving the indoor air quality of your home isn’t difficult. There are ways you can breathe easier and make a difference to your health.

1. Keep It Clean

It doesn’t take long for dirty dishes to attract bugs, grow mold, and start to smell bad. Same with the garbage, litter box, and rotting food in the fridge. If you have carpets, either get them cleaned regularly, or have them removed.

Avoid harsh chemicals when you clean and always leave a window open when possible to help the smell of your cleaning products escape. They might smell ‘clean’ but bleaches and other harsh cleansers can linger and cause irritations.

This goes for bedding, drapes, and keeping up with the laundry. Damp clothing can be a hotbed for mold if left too long. Vacuum the mattress regularly, as well.

2. Change Filters

Keeping the filters cleaned or replaced on your heating and cooling system will make a big difference. These can get clogged up and then release the dirt and mold back into the home. This will help improve the indoor quality of your home.

Keep filters clean on other appliances, too, like your vacuum and the humidifier or dehumidifier. These can get mold, bacteria, and let off a bad odor if not changed often. This goes for the clothes dryer and the kitchen vents, as well.

3. Get an Air Purifier

These can also go a long way to improve your air quality. Used in the most common areas of the home, they will help cut down on certain irritants or things that bother your allergies.

4. Buy Some Plants

Certain plants work better than others. Some pants can be harmful to pets and children, so make sure you know what you are getting. But, many plants not only look great but they work as an air filter and help keep the air cleaner.

5. Open a Window

On a nice day, let the fresh air come in and it will help move the air around and out. It’s a great way to clean out the stale smells from cooking, dirty clothes, pet odor, or smoking. You should never let people smoke in the house. Never.

6. Clean Vents and Ducts

Contact the professionals to have these cleaned. You can have it done when you have your HVAC system checked and maintained. The air in the vents and ducts gets heavy with dirt and other particles.

Those get released back into the home when your heating or air conditioning is turned on. Having them cleaned out in spring will go a long way to improving your indoor air quality.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

We often don’t think about what we are breathing in, but anyone who lives with allergies and respiratory concerns knows the importance of improving the quality of your indoor air.

If you need more information or need to book an inspection or service, please contact us here at Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning. We have years of experience and can help you get the indoor air quality that you need.