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6 Common Cooling Mistakes to Avoid

Your air conditioner doesn’t really ask a lot, yet there are some very common cooling mistakes people make all the time. If you want to keep your system working properly, you need to take care of it.

Many people don’t take propeller care of their air conditioning system and then when they need it most, it’s not working. Emergency calls and repairs are going to cost you.

6 Common Cooling Mistakes to Avoid

Even the smallest missteps with your HVAC system can cost you a lot of wasted time and money.

1. Not Changing Your Filters

One of the most common cooling mistakes people make is to not clean or replace their filters. All the air that passes through the home passes through the filters.

If there is a buildup of dirt, dust, particles, or anything else, it causes the system to work harder. This is hard on the system and hard on your energy bill.

This is one of the easiest ways to help your system work better. Check these filters regularly and keep them clean, at least once a month, if not more.

2. Covering the Unit

Depending on where your unit is, many people think it is an eyesore and try to cover it up. This blocks off the vents and makes it harder for the air to move through.

Keep the trees, bushes, branches, and grass, as well as other objects away from the unit to keep it working properly. It has to work twice as hard as it needs to.

3. Ignoring Problems

If your unit isn’t running as well as it should be or has done in the past, makes noises, emits odors, or anything else that seems off, you need to get it checked. These problems don’t just fix themselves.

You don’t want to wait until the height of summer, as you will need the unit to function, the repair people are booked up and it will likely cost you a lot more, maybe even need a replacement.

4. Not Getting Maintenance

It’s really important to have your entire system inspected. Ideally, every spring and fall. But skipping these inspections is a common cooling mistake that a lot of people are guilty of.

These maintenance calls by a professional will help you keep your system in great shape. They can also find smaller problems that you can prevent from becoming larger ones.

These maintenance visits will save you money in the long run and keep your system working for many years. Ignoring the need for inspections decreases the system’s life span greatly.

5. Getting a Unit That’s Too Big

People seem to think that the bigger the unit the faster it will cool down the house. Not true. In fact, a cooling system that is too big for your home will cool unevenly, not be consistent, and you may have problems controlling the humidity.

6. Lowering the Temperature

Another common cooling mistake is believing that if you drop the temperature on the thermostat, that you will get the cool air faster. Not true. Your air conditioner knows when to start.

It will actually cause the unit to work harder and raise your energy bill by quite a bit. You may want to look at a programmable thermostat that will start to cool the room before you get home.

Common Cooling Mistakes

One of the best ways to take care of your air conditioner is to have it inspected by experts twice a year. Call the experts at Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning for an inspection. Keeping the unit running well is easy if you avoid common mistakes.