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6 Tips for Boosting Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

With regular maintenance, you can improve your air conditioner efficiency. Here are the 6 tips for boosting your air conditioner efficiency. They need a bit of care before, during, and after the summer months to make sure they are working at full capacity.

If not, they will not work correctly and need to work harder. This wears them down considerably and hikes your energy bill up a lot. There are actually plenty of ways you can make sure your air conditioner is working at its best.

6 Tips for Boosting Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Your air conditioner can account for the largest part of your energy bill. Keeping it running properly will cut that cost considerably.

1. Clean Filters and Vents

Clean or replace the filters on your HVAC system as much as recommended, or as needed. This helps the airflow and traps the bits of debris that may be inside.

Keep all the vents clear of dust, debris and remove anything that may be blocking them. If the air can’t get through, the unit has to work twice as hard. That is not good for the air conditioner and will end up costing you more each month.

2. Clean Outside Unit

Remove any toys, leaves, or branches that may be covering the condenser unit. It needs to be able to have a clear passage. But, don’t bother trying to clean the inside.

Leave the inside cleaning and maintenance to the professionals. Keep the outside area of the air conditioner cleared and if possible, try to keep the direct sun off of it. Don’t cover it or block it, but keep the direct sun off of it.

3. Fix Leaks

If there are any leaks throughout your home, you are losing air and money. It takes a lot longer to cool the house if the air is escaping. Check for infiltration through outlets, lights, walls, windows, doors, and chimneys.

Just sealing up windows and putting a towel under the doors of rooms you are not using will help to boost your air conditioner efficiency. An inspection before the heat is too intense is the best time.

4. Keep Windows Closed

While your air conditioner unit is running, make sure all the doors and windows are closed. The unit will have to work twice as hard for a lot longer. The escaping air is just money flowing out the window.

Keeping the windows covered will keep the heat from building up in these rooms, even if you don’t use them. Closing all the windows and doors, plus closing off rooms you are not using helps boost your air conditioner efficiency.

5. Upgrade Your System

Think about upgrading your HVAC system. Older units and thermostats can be faulty and actually cost you more on your energy bills. Replace old furnaces and air conditioners.

Get a smart thermostat installed. You can program it to run when you want it to when you are not home. Either preset the instructions or override them from your mobile device any time you want.

6. Regular Inspections

Your HVAC system will run much better when there are no problems. It can be difficult to tell if the unit is in need of repair without a professional inspection. These should be done every spring and fall, just to make sure you’re getting the best air conditioner efficiency.

Boosting Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

An old or dirty unit will not provide you with the best efficiency. Make sure it is in peak-performing condition before you need it to be. If you need help, an inspection, or some repairs, call us first at Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning.