7 Pros and Cons of a Gas Furnace

7 Pros and Cons of a Gas Furnace

You may be wondering what the pros and cons of a gas furnace are if you are helping design your new home or face replacing an old heating system. A gas furnace can be an excellent heating option for your home.

To best inform yourself on your heating choices, our Kansas City HVAC pros at Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning present this list of 7 pros and cons to think about if you’re considering installing a gas furnace.

Consider These Pros and Cons of a Gas Furnace

Choosing what type of heating to use in your home is a big decision. We present the below-listed pros and cons to provide you with the ability to make an informed decision based on the following criteria: heating efficiency, cost-effectiveness, adaptability, desirability, upfront costs, service life span, and maintenance costs frequency.

Pro: Heats Your Home Faster

Gas furnaces tend to heat homes faster than electric furnaces, which is certainly a major plus for keeping your home nice and cozy during the cold winter months. Gas furnaces heat up faster than electric furnaces because they come up to maximum temperature as soon as the burners begin running.

Pro: Gas Furnace is Cost-Effective

Switching from an electric heater to a gas heater can be incredibly cost-efficient. Many homes save an average of at least 50% on heating bills when switching from electric heat to gas heat. According to a midwest utility company, homeowners living in cold climates can expect to save approximately $1,700 a year in heating bills by using a gas furnace.

Pro: Adaptability

Gas furnaces are adaptable in that a newly installed gas furnace can connect with your home’s existing HVAC system. The fact that a newly installed gas furnace doesn’t require an overhauling or replacement of the rest of your current HVAC system is a huge plus.

Pro: More Desirable

If you rent out homes or are considering selling your home at some point, then consider that gas furnaces are often the most popular option among homeowners and renters. Renters are fans of gas furnaces as several of the cons do not affect them, such as the higher installation and maintenance costs, and they’ll save on monthly heating expenses.

Con: Upfront Cost of Installment is Expensive

While gas furnaces are cost-efficient in the long run, they are more expensive to install upfront than other heater types. While the upfront expense is a con to choosing a gas furnace, consider the overall benefit of significantly lower monthly heating bills.

Con: Shorter Service Life

Perhaps the biggest drawback to choosing a gas furnace is its shorter expected service life than other heaters. We expect a well-performing, well-maintained, quality gas furnace to last approximately 15-20 years. Compare that to the 20-30 year service expectancy of equally high quality, well-maintained electric heater.

Con: Higher Maintenance Requirements

Gas furnaces typically require more maintenance from an HVAC technician. These furnaces use a combustion process that requires scheduled inspection and preventative upkeep to avoid problems such as carbon monoxide leakage.

Thankfully, Kansas City homeowners can turn to the HVAC professionals at Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning to perform excellent furnace maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Always install a carbon monoxide detector in your home for added safety.

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