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The Problem with Commission Based HVAC Companies

When you need HVAC system repairs, you know finding the right company matters. A red flag is if you find a HVAC company that pays employees commission.

If you find a HVAC company that commissions the workers, there are several issues created. For example, if an employee gets paid on the services they sell or work they do, they are always going to be trying to upsell the customer. What this means is that they may recommend repairs, services, or replacements that aren’t really necessary.

Find a HVAC Company with Non-Commissioned Technicians and Sales Personnel

By working with non-commissioned technicians or sales personnel, the employee isn’t incentivized to sell something that’s not needed, to replace an additional part, to condemn a system that’s fixable, or to intentionally break something to ensure they can make a sale.

You should make sure the goal of the HVAC company you plan to use is to promote integrity, rather than rewarding dishonesty. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are several companies in the HVAC industry that will intentionally inform a consumer that there’s something wrong with their system, when it’s not.

Always Call for a Second Opinion

If you are unsure if a HVAC company is being honest about what needs to be done to repair your system, call for a second opinion. There are many people who have called because they have a “gut feeling” that there’s something not right and usually, these feelings turn out to be correct.

A quality HVAC service provider is going to have no problem providing a second opinion and they may discover the original company misled the customer by telling them their system was broken or needed to be repaired.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that can occur all too often in the HVAC industry. One of the best ways to ensure you aren’t a victim of this type of scam, is by finding a HVAC company that doesn’t give their employees commission, as this is the biggest source of motivation to mislead a customer about what needs to be done. After all, a bigger sale means a bigger payday for the employee.

Finding the Right Company for the Job

While it may take a bit more time and effort to find the right HVAC service provider for the job, it’s going to be time well-spent. After all, if your system just needs a tune-up, but the technician recommends a part replacement, you could take a relatively affordable service and turn it into several hundred dollars or more.

By keeping all of the information here in mind and finding a company that provides services from non-commissioned workers, you can feel confident that only the needed services will be provided and that they will meet and exceed your expectations (without breaking your budget). Once you find a quality company, be sure to share with friends and neighbors so they don’t become a victim of the scam that was described above.

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