Common AC Issues and How to Avoid Them

Common Issues with Your AC and How to Avoid Them

Your air conditioning unit plays a huge role in your day to day comfort. Chances are, you may not pay much attention to it usually, but if something goes wrong, you are definitely going to take notice.

The good news is, there are some AC issues that are considered fairly common, which means fixing them isn’t (too) much of a hassle. To ensure you are prepared for some of these common problems, it is a good idea to learn what they are.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC is able to cool our home thanks to a cooling agent called refrigerant. A specific amount of refrigerant (which is set by the AC manufacturer) will cycle through the AC system’s coils. It absorbs heat out of the air and allows the cool air to circulate through the home.

Occasionally, an AC system may develop leaks, holes or cracks. This can deplete your system of refrigerant, which is necessary to keep everything cool. If a refrigerant leak occurs, the air coming out of the vents in your home is going to feel warm.

To fix refrigerant leaks, you will need to call the professionals. They can find the underlying issue and ensure it is repaired properly the first time.

Loss of Compressor Cooling Capacity

Another reason that your AC system may not be cooling as well as it once did is if it is unable to maintain proper pressure within the system’s compressor. Both abnormally low or high discharge pressures are considered problems with the system’s compressor.

One way to verify whether or not this is the issue is to check the unit’s pressure gauges. You can also consult with your owner’s manual, which will let you know what the pressure gauges should read when the system is operating properly.

If you discover that the pressure is incorrect, a technician can fix the issue.

Faulty Fans

An AC system’s internal fans do quite a bit to keep the system working effectively. They are responsible for pushing air through the evaporator coils, which will keep the air circulating through the home.

There is another fan that will move the warm air away from the unit’s condenser and to the exterior of your home. If either of these fans don’t work effectively, or if they breakdown, excessive dirt or dust can accumulate and other issues for the system may arise.

This is another situation where an AC technician can provide invaluable benefits.

Don’t Wait to Call for Service

While each of these issues is considered somewhat common, it doesn’t mean you should put off seeking repairs. Doing so can lead to serious issues for your system and more expensive problems down the road.

By taking the time to get to know what the most common AC system issues are, you will be prepared if they ever occur. Keep in mind, you can easily prevent most of these by investing in regular, professional inspections of your AC system

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