A Smart Thermostat This Winter

Could You Benefit From a Smart Thermostat This Winter?

Smart technology is increasingly used, talked about, and advertised in our daily lives, and as such, you may be wondering if you could benefit from a smart thermostat this winter. Installing this temperature-regulating technology can be advantageous to homeowners interested in additional convenience, high-tech performance, and energy saving.

Read on to learn from the pros at Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning about how using a smart thermostat in your home this winter could be advantageous for you.

Benefit From a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat uses machine learning, monitoring, reporting, and analysis technology to efficiently regulate the temperature in your home and provide many additional services. Unlike a manually operated thermostat, a smart thermostat can:

  • Connect to wifi and voice-activated devices
  • Be programmed to automatically monitor and regulate the temperature inside your home
  • Be adjusted through your phone offsite
  • Give monthly reports and send alerts
  • Be linked to other smart devices and appliances like air purifiers, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers
  • Efficiently cool and heat the home, saving you money on energy bills
  • And more

Connects to Wifi and Voice-Activated Devices

This high-tech thermostat connects to both your HVAC system and your internet. It can use this connection to send alerts about your HVAC system, send monthly reports, and adjust the temperature through your phone, tablet, or laptop.

If you have a voice-activated device in your home, it can connect to your smart thermostat, and you can adjust the temperature setting in your home simply by using your voice.

Machine Learning to Monitor and Regulate

After approximately two weeks of manual adjustment, high-tech thermostats can use machine learning to identify your household’s routines and automatically adjust the home’s temperature accordingly. During the winter, if you routinely warm the house at night and cool it during the day, your temperature regulating device will begin to recognize this pattern and automatically repeat it.

Adjusts Temperature Remotely

Remotely adjusting the temperature of a home can be great for busy people. If you are often out of the house or own multiple homes and want to control the thermostat of a vacant house, smart thermostats are a perfect option.

This feature can also be fantastic for people who rent out short-term vacation homes and have fluctuating periods of vacant and filled homes.

Sends Reports and Alerts

A smart thermostat is connected to your internet and can send reports and alerts to your email. You can receive monthly reports on how much energy your HVAC system is using so that you can adjust your temperature regulation if needed.

Some models even send you alerts about the performance of your HVAC system. You can be notified if the system may need a filter change or if the heating or cooling is operating in an unexpected pattern.

Links to Other Smart Home Devices

Another benefit of this high-tech temp regulator is its ability to connect to other smart technology and appliances in your home. Particularly useful, it can connect to smart dehumidifiers, air purifiers, refrigerators, etc.

So, if your smart thermostat detects an excess of moisture in your house, it can send that information to the smart dehumidifier, prompting it to turn on.

Benefit from a Smart Thermostat by Saving Money on Your Energy Bills

On average, most smart thermostats companies report their devices can lower energy bills per month through efficient heating and cooling by about 10 to 15 percent. Monthly energy reports and scheduled heating and cooling regulation are significant benefits of these devices.

Call the Pros at Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning

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