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Is There a Difference in HVAC Equipment Warranties?

There are some homeowners who are somewhat apathetic when it comes to HVAC warranties, with the firm belief and hope they never really have to do anything with it. There are others who follow the adage – the devil is in the details -and believe that any claim they make will wind up being denied because of some obscure technicality.

A wise homeowner, though, is going to get informed. For the most part, HVAC warranties are pretty straightforward. They aren’t filled with all types of legalese (well, not very much). The fact is that it is pretty easy to find out what you are getting in a warranty for your air handler, AC, heat pump, furnace, etc.

Warranty Types

The first step to understanding your warranty is to know what type you have. There are three main options:

  • The Manufacturer Warranty: This is the warranty provided by the company that makes the HVAC equipment. If you register your equipment within the allotted amount of time, you receive the Standard warranty. If you fail to register the equipment, you receive the base warranty.
  • The Installation Warranty: This warranty is provided by the dealer or technician/company that actually installs the unit. They should provide you with a warranty that covers any defects that occur due to the installation. Issues related to faulty installation are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and this is one of the top reasons that warranty claims are denied.
  • The Extended Warranty: You have likely received offers in the mail to extend the warranty on your vehicle. You will also be offered these extended warranties for electronics and appliances when you purchase them. They are also available for your HVAC equipment from third-party providers.

Why Your Warranty May be Voided

Not all warranties are created equal, but there are some general ways you may void the warranty you have. If you are like many other people, you may not even realize you have voided this warranty until an issue with your equipment occurs.

Some of the most common reasons you may void your warranty, or a claim may be denied include:

  • Poor maintenance, bad installation or anything besides defective assembly and parts.
  • Faulty gas valve changes.
  • Parts that are not covered (i.e. replacement refrigerant, replacement filters, outdoor pads, etc.).
  • Using unqualified installers.
  • Moving your unit.
  • Add-ons not authorized for use with the equipment that is covered.
  • Unmatched equipment.
  • Failure of the system resulting from the use of unauthorized parts.
  • Items purchased online from any unauthorized sellers.
  • Shipping costs if a replacement part must be shipped from the manufacturer.

Not all warranties for HVAC equipment are created equal. It’s important to read the information carefully and fully understand what the warranty covers and doesn’t cover. If you have questions, speak with the technician that is hired for the installation of your equipment or contact the equipment manufacturer. They can clarify any confusing information or terms used in the warranty provided.

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