The Issues Related to Dirty Air Filters

Excessive Dust? Your HVAC System May be to Blame

When it comes to taking care of a home, there is an endless list of “to-dos.” From the laundry and a sink full of dirty dishes, to vacuuming and yes, the dreaded dusting, it’s a never-ending cycle.

While most of these tasks are unavoidable, there are some that may seem as though they have to be done more often than necessary. If you have been struggling to keep up with an extremely dusty home, your poor housekeeping skills may not be to blame.

In fact, the culprit may be your HVAC system.

The good news is, for all the most common HVAC issues that contribute to excessive dust in your home, there are also simple and effective solutions.

Trap the Dust

When you are checking your HVAC system for the source of your dusty home, the best place to start is with the filter. Your HVAC filters need to be inspected at least one time a month and replaced (or cleaned) when they are dirty. If you have a home that is especially dusty, or if you have pets inside who shed, it may be a good idea to replace your filters more often.

All the dust in your filter is dust that is no longer circulating in your home. However, when the filter is clogged, the system is no longer about to clean out more dust. As a result, more is going to circulate through your living space.

Also, not all air filters are created the same. In some cases, you may find a higher level of success by using air filters that have a higher MERV rating. When you change your air filters, make sure you check the seal around the sides and how the filter fits in the air return. If there are gaps present, or if you notice that your filter isn’t the right size, then the dust is going to flow freely through your system and through your home.

Plug Any Leaks

Another common cause of excessive dust is leaky ductwork. This is an issue that is a bit more challenging to fix. Over time, small gaps can form in the ductwork, caused by age, poor workmanship, or damage. The gaps then allow dust to flow in at any point past your filter, right into your vents and home.

Look closely at some of the vents in your home. If you notice dust buildup on the fins around your vents, then it may be due to leaky ductwork.

Dust Smart

While the solutions above may help to reduce the total amount of dust in your home, they won’t eliminate the need for you to dust altogether. The next time you dust, chance the setting on your thermostat to “on.” If your filter is new and clean, it will trap a lot of the dust you wind up kicking up.

If you are concerned that something else may be causing your dusty home, then reach out to the professionals. They can provide an inspection to ensure your system is operating efficiently.