Furnace Repair

My furnace is not working what do I do?

  1. If you believe it is a danger – Turn off and call BEEBE 24/7.
  2. Take an inventory of what you know?
    • Is it blowing?  Is running for short periods?  Is the furnace meeting the temperature at the thermostat?
    • Is it running constantly?  Is it making any noises?  Do you smell anything?
  3. If it is running for short periods or not starting
    • Check your filter.  A dirty filter can cause your furnace to overheat and shut down.
  4. If you suspect a thermostat problem.
    • Make sure you have changed the batteries in your thermostat.
  5. If you are having a service technician come out DO NOT turn the power off to the furnace.
    • Most Furnaces store codes which can help find your problem, cutting the power can erase codes.

BEEBE is here to help

As the Owner of BEEBE Heating & Air  I would like you to know how we do things differently.  Where most companies require and commission technicians to sell you something, here at BEEBE we do not.  I believe by using experienced technicians to educate customers we can build a long standing relationship.  I am in the office each day and I am available if you ever have questions or just want to talk.  

Please allow us the opportunity to earn your business.  Thank You,

Chris Haag – Owner

What if I need to replace?

Our Consultants are not on commission so they are not out to sell you something you do not need. We offer a wide variety of options and manufacturers. We offer the manufactures promotions and great values (no gimmicks of free furnaces). Remember it is the quality of work and the amount you write on the check that matters.