How Damaged Ducts Can Affect Your AC

How Damaged Ducts Can Affect Your AC

Has your air conditioner been making strange sounds, or failed to start when temperatures started rising in the house? If so, you would probably call for professional repairs right away. After all, you want to remain comfortable in your house, right? This means your air conditioner really needs to be functioning properly. The bad news is, not all AC systems are too easy to spot.

An example of this would be a problem with the ductwork. These are problems that don’t actually develop in the AC cabinets Instead, they occur in the air distribution system that snakes through your home.

While this is the case, it doesn’t mean these problems aren’t going to affect your AC system. However, because the air ducts are mainly hidden from view, this only complicates matters further. Learn ducts that are damaged may impact your AC system and the other issues they may cause.

Why Damaged or Leaky Ducts are an Issue

If you have a forced air HVAC system in your home, such as a central AC system or a heat pump, all of the air that’s cooled by the system is going to be distributed through the home through the air ducts. Damaged ducts are going to result in several problems.

  • Inefficiency 

This is usually one of the first issues that most homeowner’s notice. After all, air conditioners are used regularly, and the comfort they provide doesn’t come for free. If your system is attempting to cool the home and the ductwork is leaking, then it’s going to do so with significantly reduced efficiency. Heat is going to infiltrate the system through leaks and tears, causing the AC to work overtime.

  • Reduced Indoor Air Quality

This is another common problem when a home has leaky ductwork. If there are areas where the air is escaping, it also means that pollutants are getting inside the ducts. After this happens, the ducts may begin to distribute these pollutants through the house. Repairing and sealing your ductwork promptly can help you to live in a much cleaner and healthier environment.

  • Hot Spots

If there are hot spots through the home, it means that there’s an issue with the ductwork. What’s worse than living in your home when uncomfortable is having to overpay for the comfort that you aren’t even getting.

  • Excessive Wear and Tear

If the ducts in your home are damaged, it can also cause more wear and tear on your air conditioner. The more issues the ducts have, the harder your AC is going to have to work to cool your home. As time passes, this is going to result in damage resulting from excessive wear and tear.

Is it Time to Call for Duct Service?

If you have noticed any of the issues mentioned here, then it is time to call the professionals to have your ducts inspected. This can help you know, for sure, if there are any issues with your home’s air conditioning unit or the duct system.