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How to Heat an Older Kansas City Home More Efficiently

There’s nothing wrong with living in an older home. If your Kansas City home is on the older side and has seen better days, there’s still a lot you can do with it to modernize it and make it more liveable. Many homes in Kansas City are over 100 years old as the city was founded in 1880. As you might have guessed, there have been a lot of advancements and improvements in the way we heat our homes in the many years since 1880.

While your vintage Kansas city home might have a lot of aesthetic charm, paying insanely high heating costs year after year can get old pretty quickly. Here’s some insight on how to heat an older Kansas City home more efficiently.

Are You Heating Your Home with Electric? If So, They’ve Got to Go

One of the most inefficient ways to heat a home is with electric. It’s one of the most antiquated ways to heat a home. It might have worked well enough for folks in the 1970s, but it’s not the way to go today.

When you heat your home with electric you’ll be paying an arm and a leg on heating. So if you’re wondering where your arm and leg went, now you know, it went to pay for heating expenses.

What’s the best alternative? Whether you want to modernize your Kansas City home or stop the financial hemorrhaging, you’re going to want to call up BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning, and ask about having a gas furnace installed.

The Benefits of a Gas Furnace

Compared to heating a home with electric, a gas furnace beats electric ten times over in terms of cost-efficiency. When you heat your home with a gas furnace, you’ll spend less money on heat and finally have the freedom to crank up the heat in the cold months without feeling guilty or having nightmares of watching your money burn.

Upgrade Your Boiler

Some homes are so old that they predate the convention of insulation which means they came with a boiler. Unfortunately, most of the boilers that you’ll find in older homes are practically ancient which makes them incredibly inefficient.

Unless you want a major overhaul, your best bet is going to be to have the old boiler replaced and upgraded with something a little more modern..

All in all, installing a gas furnace tends to be one of the single best and most effective ways to heat an older home more efficiently. Although there are some other things you can do to heat an older home, nothing beats a brand new gas furnace!

Modernize Your KC Home and Save Money on Heat with BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating your home the smart way starts with a call with BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning. The sooner you call, the more you’ll save! Our team of qualified expert technicians can install a gas furnace in your home that will help you save a fortune in heating expenses. The best part is, you’ll start saving money right away!

As soon as that gas furnace is installed, your bills will start to go down which means you can heat your home as much as you like throughout the winter months.

Ready to start saving money on heating? Pick up the phone today and call BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning!