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How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

During the summer months, your energy bill seems to get higher and higher as the years go on, due to air conditioners and fans cooling your home. Finding ways to lower that bill can be tricky, but with the help of some professionals, you’ll see your bill dropping by the next month.

Quick and Easy fixes

Before you have any new equipment replaced, you can first check out your home’s insulation and if any windows or doors have leaks. A few more things you can consider are checking your appliances to make sure they are in working order, and you can look into signing up for a prepaid energy bill plan. Making sure your AC unit(s) are shut off when you’re not home is another way to save money on your bill.

New Thermostat

When you’re checking around the house to see where you can lower your bill, one place to look is at your thermostat. Sometimes they need a simple upgrade, if that’s the case, get yourself a programmable thermostat. Resisting the urge to turn the heat up or down will help save your bill, this is where having one that is programmable will help. You can set the temperature to the time of day, and it will adjust the temperature throughout the day automatically, without you touching it at all. You can have any HVAC professional install it for you, get a quote from a few around town before you settle on one.

Replacing the Air Filter

Air filters are set in place to collect dust and debris to ensure clean air is circulating through your home’s heating and cooling systems. If the filters are clogged up, this can cause the air to strain to get through it, jumping up your energy bill. Your HVAC professional can help install these as well.

Basic Cleaning and Maintenance

Not only do the filters need to be replaced, but your entire system needs to be cleaned regularly including the coils and fins. Keeping them going will keep your home cooler, and your energy bill lower with less debris and more clean air.

Other maintenance will need to be done on your units, especially if you have central AC. These outdoor units are a bigger job to tackle, and making sure they are checked every year before getting them geared up for the hot summer will be very beneficial to you and your home. The fans will have to be checked for cracks and chips, and the outer shell will need to be cleaned up and debris removed from the vents. Units like these, you should have an HVAC pro come take a look at it to make sure it’s all in working order, and they can order and replace any broken parts for you as well. Contact BEEBE today!