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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Pet Owners

Just over half of the world’s population owns a pet, and about 90% of them consider their pet to be part of the family. Dogs and cats make up the biggest percentage of pets owned. Our fur babies also come with dander and most of them shed and that can lead to poor air quality or possibly take a toll on your family’s health. Getting a whole-home air purification system will help keep pet dander down and help improve the air quality as a whole.

How Pets Affect the Air Quality in Your Home

You love your pets, which means you want them to be healthy and live long happy lives at your side. Give them the best chances of a long happy life by providing them with pure, healthy air in your home. Healthy pets are made in healthy homes, and healthy homes have clean air to breathe.

Having clean, pure, healthy air in your home isn’t just essential for the health of your pets, but yourself as well. Poor ventilation can lead to dangerous health concerns and weaken your immune system, causing all kinds of maladies from fevers to roaring headaches.

Having a pet is a joy, but did you know that all of the flakes from dead skin and saliva can permeate through the air? More importantly, did you know that these substances can affect your health?

There are some simple steps that you can take that will reduce the harmful effects that your pets have on the air purity in your home. If you have an HVAC system, which you should, be sure to change the filters regularly. Dander dropped from your pet’s bodies can flow through your HVAC system, spreading filth and uncleanliness throughout your home.

One of the most basic and essential precautions that you should take is to make sure that you bathe your pet somewhat regularly. Bathing your pet helps reduce the amount of harmful dander that they drop and distribute throughout your home.

Have Healthy Pets with Healthy Climate – Pureair

One of the single most effective tools to achieve superior air purity when you have pets in the home is the Healthy Climate Pureair from Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning.

What is the Healthy climate Pureair you ask? It’s an air quality control system that’s specially engineered to combat three classes of air contaminants, including pet dander. This system is of the same quality used in hospitals for in-patient care and general surgery, meaning the filtration power is immense, not to mention highly dependable.

Not only does this remarkable system eliminate unhealthy pet dander from the air in your home, but also harmful chemicals, vapors, and odors. When you use the Healthy Climate Pureair, you’re making an investment in your health, the health of your pets, and the condition of our home. It will smell pleasant and be virtually free of pesky pet dander.

Why Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning

With so many air purification systems on the market, you might be wondering why you should choose to use the Healthy Climate Pureaire from Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning. Honestly, you won’t get a better deal for the technology anywhere else. In addition to incredible quality, you will get the kind of superior customer service that comes from working with a company that truly cares about its customers.

Tired of poor air quality in your home due to pet dander? Call Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning today!