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HVAC Humidity, Your Home, and Your Body

Do you know how humidity in your home affects how your body feels? Did you know that different Air Conditioners remove different amounts of humidity?

During the spring, you may feel clammy in your house due to high humidity and no dehumidification in the home. When you dehumidify the space, it will reduce humidity, making your body feel cooler and more comfortable.

When the humidity is low in the home, most people turn the thermostats up, which saves energy because your body is comfortable at higher temperatures when humidity is low.

The Benefits of Eliminating Humidity from Your Home

When you have the ability to remove extra moisture with your AC system, you can feel more comfortable, while saving energy – it’s a win-win scenario. Having equipment to handle humidity when the services of your AC are not needed can also help make your home more comfortable.

Humidity vs. Air Conditioning Systems

It’s important to understand – humidity doesn’t just affect you. It can also impact the performance of your air conditioner. Your system is going to use a lot of time and energy to remove latent heat/moisture before it is able to bring sensible heat (the temperature you feel) down to a level you view as being comfortable.

If your home is filled with a lot of humidity, it can take longer for the AC system to cool it down because the system has to not only cool the space, but also remove the moisture from the air.

If you enjoy using your attic fan, you need to remember it’s going to take both time and energy to get your home back to a less humid and comfortable level. Also, fan louvers aren’t typically insulated, which means they can allow a large amount of air infiltration, resulting in a higher load for your home’s comfort system.

Consider this example.

“Last week, one of our technicians and his wife were helping his daughters move in at the university. The girls were extremely busy so Mom and Dad decided to take a break to see a movie. It was about mid-day and the theater must have just turned the AC on because the place was very humid. To compensate for this issue, the temperature was turned down very low in the theater. The high humidity made the space extremely uncomfortable, the technician’s wife got a blanket from the car to be able to bear the conditions but even than it was difficult for them to enjoy the movie.”

As you can see from the example above, humidity can make any area or space extremely uncomfortable. Many people don’t realize this is an issue. If you have found your home is uncomfortable, even after adjusting your cooling system, it’s time to call the professionals for an evaluation. They can help you get the proper equipment in place to ensure home comfort regardless of the temperature, humidity, and other factors that may be present in the home.

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