Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Fall

When you are finally used to one season, it is time to change to another. With cooler weather moving it, now is the time to begin inspecting and evaluating your HVAC system. Before the freezing temperatures of winter arrive, make sure to use the information here to ensure your system is ready.

Hire the Professionals

You need to hire the professionals to inspect and evaluate your heating and cooling system several times a year. Ideally, doing this in the spring and fall is best. With professional maintenance, you can be made aware of any small issues with your system before they have the opportunity to become larger. This maintenance will also help keep energy costs down and ensure your system lasts longer.

Replace or Clean Your System’s Air Filter

You need to clean or replace your air filter regularly. If it is neglected, then the debris that are filtered out of the air are eventually going to clog the filter and cause the system to not work properly. This is usually a do-it-yourself project that can be extremely beneficial for your home and your utility costs.

Remove All Debris from Your Exterior Unit

If you have a HVAC system that has an exterior unit, then it is time to walk outside and inspect it. There is a pretty good chance that it is covered with all types of debris and other items. Think about it, every time you mow you are blowing grass and leaves on it, and when storms come the potential for sticks and other items falling on and in it are real. Remove the items you can by hand and then grab a hose to clean off everything else. This is usually a pretty easy and fast job that will ensure your system continues running efficiently and smoothly.

Install a Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

This is a great piece of advice for any time of the year. Even though you likely have an older model in your home now, installing a smart thermostat offers a number of benefits. This type of device will allow you to make changes while you are on the go. They will also send you updates and reports about the amount of energy you are using so you can make energy saving adjustments.

When you take the time to use the tips here, you will be able to get your HVAC system ready for the cooler months of the year. Don’t neglect fall maintenance as it may lead to a complete breakdown on a cold winter’s night. By calling the professionals, your system will be ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way.

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