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The Most Common HVAC Mistake: Size Matters

While there is a huge selection of energy improvement products available for homes today, a common request for many HVAC customers is to have a larger air conditioner installed in their home. Consumers call a HVAC company requesting a larger unit size because they aren’t comfortable.

Unfortunately, this is a common and big mistake for a homeowner. If you ask a salesman who is just interested in making a sale, they may agree to this request just to make that larger dollar sale or from a lack of understanding of the negative ramifications the wrong HVAC size can have on your home comfort.

Reasons for Discomfort – The Role of Your HVAC System

Any quality service provider is going to want to know more about the reason a homeowner believes the size of their HVAC is wrong and need a larger system. If the only answer given is because they are uncomfortable, there’s more research that needs to be done into the cause of the situation.

There could be an array of factors that have led to this discomfort, such as improper insulation, improper ducting, leaky windows, and more. Without considering all the possible issues, there’s no way to know if a bigger system is going to solve the problem or make the problem worse.

In fact, there are some issues that may arise because of the installation of a larger system. For example, the ductwork may not be able to handle the extra airflow, or part of the ductwork won’t be able to handle any extra volume.

According to an independent study, more than 70 percent of duct systems being used in the Midwest aren’t properly designed for air distribution. It’s these ducting problems that contribute to most of the home comfort issues experienced today.

Understanding Your Home’s Ducts

To better understand why a larger air conditioning system may not improve your comfort levels in your home, consider this example.

You have two blowers – a large one and small one – blowing the same amount of pressure. One is able to move a lot of air and the other moves less. Both are attached to a straw and turned on.

Which blower is going to blow more air through the straw – the big one, or the little one?

The answer is that the straws are going to move the same amount of air because the air is being delivered using the same level of pressure. This is a clear explanation of how your home’s ductwork operates (though it’s simplified slightly).

The Problem with “Sizing Up” Your HVAC System

If you try to put more air into your home’s duct system, but the pressure or size of the duct isn’t increased to handle the additional volume, it’s going to deliver the same exact amount of air as before. An oversized system is going to recirculate air, dumping more air into short runs, resulting in short cycling and wasted energy. If this continues, the cycle can result in overheated motors, freezing coils, and can ultimately shorten the system’s lifespan.

The best thing you can do is to call the professionals and ensure you get the right size HVAC system for your home. Also, remember there are other ways you can improve your comfort at home, and the professionals can help you determine what these solutions are.

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