Is it Too Late to Schedule an AC Tune-Up? SEER Ratings:

Is it Too Late to Schedule an AC Tune-Up?

Your air conditioner isn’t going to run perfectly forever. Every type of electro-mechanical system is going to experience issues at some point. The good news is, you can take steps to prevent these problems.

For example, changing the system’s filter on a regular basis can help you to regulate the airflow and if the filter isn’t clean, the AC may run into a number of issues throughout the hotter months of the year.

One of the most important steps in preventing damage to your air conditioner while improving its efficiency through the summer is to schedule a tune-up. A professional tune-up for your system is something you should have done each year – but, you may wonder – is it too late in the season for this? Is a tune-up even worth it at this point? Can or should you have this done now?

Additional Information on Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Do you need a primer on why having an AC tune-up is so important for your system, as well as your bills? The fact is, this service involves an adjustment of the system and advanced cleaning you can’t do properly without the proper training or experience.

The first part of the professional tune-up is an inspection. Technicians will use several tools to test the refrigerant levels, the rate of airflow, and a number of other factors that may have a huge impact on the way an AC system runs. In some cases, they may make the recommendation that your AC system needs to be repaired so you can prevent serious breakdowns from the system now and in the future.

After that, your technician is going to clean and provide a tune-up for the system. This includes adjusting the pressure levels and cleaning the coils, which is going to help to prevent future AC repairs and keep your system running for more affordably.

Tune-Up Recommendations from the Pros

It’s a good idea to schedule your AC tune-up one time a year. The best time to do this is in the spring; however, if you miss this cut off, it’s fine – you can still have your system inspected.

By scheduling your tune-up in the spring, it will help ensure you don’t have problems during the hottest months of the year. While a tune-up isn’t going to guarantee that you won’t have serious issues, it’s going to reduce the possibility of this happening. It’s a good idea to do this sooner, rather than later, to reduce the wear and tear on the AC system.

Remember, It’s Never too Late

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is – it’s never too late to schedule a tune-up for your AC system. The hotter the weather, the more stress your system is under. Make sure it’s up to the challenge by scheduling an inspection and tune-up each year, as this is going to ensure it can keep you cool throughout the grueling temperatures of summer.