Problems Associated with Installing an Oversized Air Conditioner

Problems Associated with Installing an Oversized Air Conditioner

Do you have a bigger air conditioning unit in your home than what you need? It’s crucial that you understand, when it comes to your air conditioner – bigger isn’t always better. A larger AC is louder, more expensive and harder to find space for. The list really goes on and on. However, you may believe the misconception that a bigger unit is going to help save you money. Here, you can learn some of the specific issues related to an oversized air conditioner in your home.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

In addition to reducing the temperature in your home, your air conditioner is also responsible for removing dust, allergens and other particles that can diminish your overall indoor air quality.

If your air conditioner is too big for your home, it won’t run as often to maintain the temperature, which makes it overly efficient. In other words, the less that your AC runs, the less time it is going to spend filtering out irritants from the air – resulting in you spending more time sneezing!

Increased Efficiency

This is a pretty big issue – especially if you currently live in a humid climate. In addition to everything else it is filtering; your AC is also going to remove moisture as it runs. If it isn’t on, it can’t do this. As a result, the humidity levels in your home are going to spike, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and sweaty. The more humid that your home is, the warmer it will feel. For example, if the humidity level is 60 percent, it can make 60 degrees feel more like 80. Also, humidity leaves your home much more vulnerable to the growth of mold.

They Use More Energy

If you have been thinking about purchasing an oversized air conditioner to try and reduce your energy costs – think again! A larger unit is going to use more energy because even while it will run for a shorter period of time, it requires more power to stay on. Because the unit will get your home to the desired temperature quickly, it is going to turn on and off frequently – this isn’t energy efficient.

They are More Expensive

The upfront costs of the unit, along with the costs over time for a bigger AC unit, are going to result in more money spent when compared to a smaller unit. If you do require a larger system, but still want to reduce the costs of installation, be sure you are purchasing a unit that is just big enough to cool your home efficiently.

As you can see from the information here, when it comes to your air conditioner, bigger isn’t always better. You need to take some time to figure out what size you really need and then have that unit installed by a professional. This will result in cost savings for you in the long run, and keep the unit working more efficiently, which will save you even more.

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