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Pros and Cons of Mini-Split Systems

If you have trouble keeping the air temperature controlled in your home, you are not alone. It’s not uncommon to have one room cool and comfortable yet the one next to it way too hot. A mini-split system might be the answer you are looking for. If you have recently remodeled your home or are considering replacing your central air and heating, this unit can help.

What is a Mini-Split System?

Mini-split systems are a ductless form of heating and cooling. Instead of a system that heats and cools the entire house, it works in individual spaces or rooms within the home.

It means you can have cooling or heating in each room, which saves on energy costs by focusing on the rooms and space that need it. The indoor unit is mounted to the ceiling or wall and the cooled refrigerant is pumped in via refrigerant lines that run to the outdoor unit.

Pros and Cons of Mini-Split Systems

Here are a few reasons why these might be ideal for your home and why they may not.



Duct systems are efficient but they still lose quite a bit of energy. With a ductless system, you don’t have to worry about energy loss. These systems have far less air leaking out, as well.

Easy to Install

Mini-split systems are easy to install. They don’t have to be linked to existing AC or heating ducts. You only need a wall-mounted unit combined with a single exterior compressor that goes outside your home.

Won’t Block Window

Very often people use the window air conditioning units for rooms that are difficult to control. Mini-split systems go on the wall so you can still use and see out of your windows.

Window units are heavy and awkward and can let out a lot of air around them. They get older and can leak and often only cool a few feet in front of them.

Each Unit Runs Independently

Installing a mini-split unit in different rooms allows you to control each unit individually. They each have their own thermostat. You can heat or cool the rooms you need and not the rest.

This makes these units ideal for larger families, added apartments, or separate parts of the home. You can turn it on when you come in, then shut it off when you leave.


Here are a few reasons these units might not be the best choice.

Up Front Expense

Mini-split systems are more expensive than a window or a baseboard type of unit. A new system can cost thousands of dollars per room, but you can make up for it shortly.

Highly Visible

While the units are meant to be sleek and inconspicuous, they are still considered by some to be a blight on an otherwise beautiful room. However, once you see how well they work you might want to forgive its unsightliness.

High Maintenance

These systems do require quite a bit of attention. Their filters need to be washed about once a month. Possibly more if your home includes pets or smokers. Not cleaning them will be more expensive as you will need them to be clean professionally or replace them.

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