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Saving Money on Your Energy Bill: Space Heater or Furnace?

Winter is here and all the snow, blustery winds, and bitter cold that comes with it. It’s always a smart idea to prepare your home for winter. One of the most important winter preparations is deciding how to heat your home. If you’re dissatisfied with your current heating system or having small heart attacks every time you see your heating bill, you’ll want to check this out. Heating your Kansas City home through the winter shouldn’t mean that you have to break the bank to do it.  Keep reading to learn more about using a space heater verses your furnace.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on heating this winter, you’re in luck! We have the tips you need to save piles of money all season long!

One of the biggest and most common debates around the issue of the best way to heat a home revolves around the pros and cons of space heaters and furnaces. It’s a rather heated debate, no pun intended, and one we intend to settle once and for all for your convenience. Here’s the skinny on whether a space heater is a better, more efficient way to heat your home or vice versa.

What You Should Know About Space Heaters

You know what space heaters are good for? Setting your house on fire. Some people like to delude themselves into thinking that they can save money by using a space heater in every room rather than spending the money on a more complete heating system like a furnace.

While individual space heaters might be cheaper in the short-term, they’re almost invariably more expensive in the long-term. Unless you have a great insurance policy, you won’t save much money when your house catches on fire because it was loaded with space heaters.

Another unfortunate fact about space heaters is that they don’t heat your home evenly. Sometimes placing a space heater in every room is not enough, especially when your home has temperature variation.

Things You Should Know About Furnaces

Now that you know more about space heaters and why they’re such a bad and potentially hazardous investment, it’s time to take a look at furnaces. A well-built furnace can provide you with safe, reliable, even heat. The best part is, it’s cost-effective! As long as you take care of your furnace by setting up a preventative maintenance schedule with a qualified heating specialist.

The Winner

When it comes to comparing a space heater to a furnace, the furnace will win hands down every time. Space heaters are too dangerous, too unreliable, and too inefficient to hold a candle to a furnace.

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