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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner Before it Heats up this Summer

Few things are more frustrating than realizing you need a new air conditioner when it’s too late. You turn it on just to hear a loud noise or nothing at all. Many people don’t realize their air conditioner needs attention even if it’s been idle for several months.

That’s why it is always imperative you have your air conditioner inspected and checked out by professionals before you need it. Otherwise, when ignored for season after season, you are looking at having to replace it.

Signs You Need a new Air Conditioner

Getting a new air conditioner is going to be inevitable at some point, and leaving it too long can lead to even worse problems.


If there are puddles forming around your air conditioning unit or in other areas, this needs immediate attention. Whether it is water or refrigerant, neither is a good sign.

Call a professional right away. These are not problems that will just go away on their own and can cause damage to other areas of your home. Make sure it’s not just condensation, as that is quite common, but should cause a puddle.

Not Cold

If there is only warm air coming out, you can start by checking the thermostat. Try lowering it a bit and see if that helps. Check that it is set to the right setting for coll and not heat.

If nothing happens, there could be a problem with the compressor, some internal damage, or a problem with the airflow. However, this could also be a sign your air conditioner has major problems and you need a new one.

Bad Odors

Another important sign you need a new air conditioner is that dreadful odor coming out of it. If it has mold or there are other parts of it that are falling apart inside, this can lead to either smells of mildew or like there is something electrical burning.

Don’t try to find the problem yourself. Call the professionals to check it out and have it cleaned, if necessary. It could be coming from the unit, the ducts, the drainage tubes, or anywhere else.

Loud Noises

If you hear a lot of banging, wheezing, rattling, or thumping, there is likely something quite wrong. Most air conditioners make a bit of noise, but if you notice anything out of the usual.

Call the professionals. There may be a small piece that had become detached or some other smaller problem, but you can’t know until it’s inspected. Most loud, sudden noises are an indication it needs attention, or to be replaced.

High Humidity

If your house has the same humidity level as the outdoors, then your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly. It needs to be looked at right away.

Maybe it just needs some repairs, but maybe it’s time to look at getting a new air conditioner. If it can’t keep the moisture levels to where they need to be, it might be time.

New Air Conditioners

You should also consider how many times you have had to repair the unit and how old the unit is. Once they have been repaired a few times, it’s not worth the trouble of having it repaired again.

A new air conditioner will be a nice upgrade for you and keep your home cooler and healthier. Once an air conditioner stops functioning properly, it can actually become a health hazard.

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