The Many Benefits of Upgrading Your Furnace

In addition to being able to get rid of that energy-guzzling, ghastly hunk of metal in your basement, there are a myriad of other perks that go along with saying, “out with the old” when it comes to your gas furnace. This is especially true if your current furnace has been hanging around for more than two decades. Continue reading “The Many Benefits of Upgrading Your Furnace”

Gas vs. Electric Furnaces: A Home Heating Throwdown

Are you ready to invest in something new to heat your home? Have you used a traditional Kansas City heating system, heat pump or even furnace in the past, but it just isn’t working efficiently anymore? If so, two of the most common choices include: Continue reading “Gas vs. Electric Furnaces: A Home Heating Throwdown”

Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

When the cooler temperatures begin moving in, many people retreat to the warmth and comfort of their homes. However, if you haven’t checked to make sure your furnace is ready to perform, you may have a rude awakening on a cold winter’s night. Continue reading “Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?”