How to Fix Temperature Variations in Your Home

What’s more frustrating than shoveling snow? Is there such a thing? As it turns out, there is! The one thing that’s more frustrating than throwing your back out trying to fend off the Kansas City snow with a shovel is having cold spots in your home. You pay good money to heat your home, so why the devil are there so many cold spots in your home? Temperature variations in your home can drive you batty when left unchecked. Continue reading “How to Fix Temperature Variations in Your Home”

Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Winter

Winter is here! Don’t let Old Man winter catch you or your furnace off guard! The more you prepare for Winter early on before the snow flies, the more you’ll save. Remember, you don’t want to have to call for help because your furnace is on the fritz in the middle of Winter with freezing cold temperatures. You can save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and even money by running through this furnace maintenance checklist for Winter. Continue reading “Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Winter”

Effective Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

The summer heat can be brutal. You may be thinking about sunscreen and barbeques, it’s not just you that needs to gear up for summer. You have to make sure your home is ready, as well. The good news is, there are a few tips you can use to get your home ready for the summer heat – and beyond. Continue reading “Effective Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat”

Understanding MERV Air Filter Ratings

Are you searching for ways to ensure your home’s HVAC system continues to run smoothly? If so, maintaining your system’s air filter should be at the top of your list. Along with helping you save energy, choosing the proper filter for your home will help prevent premature breakdowns of your equipment while improving overall indoor air quality. Continue reading “Understanding MERV Air Filter Ratings”

Tips to Minimize Asthma Attacks with Your HVAC System

While you may not realize it, your home’s HVAC system plays a huge role in alleviating allergy and asthma symptoms. When working properly and efficiently, the system can help improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens. In fact, there are even accessories you can purchase for your HVAC system that will boost indoor air quality further. If you want to boost your HVAC system to alleviate allergies and asthma, there are several easy steps you can take. Continue reading “Tips to Minimize Asthma Attacks with Your HVAC System”

Home Comfort Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, you are likely going to face more than a few challenges when it comes to keeping the interior of your home comfortable. Uneven airflow, air leaks, and other issues can all impact your ability to do this. If you want to save energy, too, it will be even more challenging to maintain the proper level of home comfort without increasing your energy costs – often significantly. Continue reading “Home Comfort Tips for Homeowners”

Tips to Protect Your HVAC System Before a Storm

If a storm blows through your area, there’s the possibility it may cause serious damage to your HVAC system. Storms bring along heavy winds, hail, and rain, which all pose a threat to your outdoor air conditioning and heating system. It is crucial that you know how to protect your HVAC system from all types of storm damage. Continue reading “Tips to Protect Your HVAC System Before a Storm”

Common HVAC System Bad Habits and How to Avoid Them

The HVAC system is one of the biggest home investments you will ever make. Having this in mind, it’s important to make sure you are getting your money’s worth out of the system. The easiest way for you to accomplish this is by making sure you are maintaining and caring for your HVAC system properly. Unfortunately, there are more than a few bad HVAC habits that may impact your system’s health. To help ensure you only use good habits for your HVAC system, get to know the bad habits, which are found here. Continue reading “Common HVAC System Bad Habits and How to Avoid Them”

Keeping the Cooled (or Heated) Air In: Your HVAC System Isn’t Always the Problem

“We recently had an elderly lady call to have a new HVAC system installed because her house was always too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. After spending some time talking with her about the issues, the technician who went to her house asked to get into the attic. Once there, the technician noticed they could see the drywall ceiling and light coming through the recessed light fixtures used for the space below. These issues were reviewed with the elderly owner and the technician even took the time to tell the customer’s nephew how to seal and insulate the space. The following week, the customer called the technician to thank them for their help, as her nephew has insulated the attic and the house was finally comfortable – no new system needed.” Continue reading “Keeping the Cooled (or Heated) Air In: Your HVAC System Isn’t Always the Problem”

How Damaged Ducts Can Affect Your AC

Has your air conditioner been making strange sounds, or failed to start when temperatures started rising in the house? If so, you would probably call for professional repairs right away. After all, you want to remain comfortable in your house, right? This means your air conditioner really needs to be functioning properly. The bad news is, not all AC systems are too easy to spot. Continue reading “How Damaged Ducts Can Affect Your AC”