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Things to Remember When Starting Your Air Conditioner for the First Time

We often forget all about starting our air conditioner until we really need it. But it has been sitting dormant all winter long, and that means it should be checked out before just turning it on.

There are actually health hazards to consider before starting up your air conditioner, as there can be a buildup of dust, dirt, animal dander, and many other types of pollutants that can irritate allergies or asthma.

Things to Remember When Starting Your Air Conditioner for the First Time

Ideally, you don’t want to wait until the first hot day to start the air conditioner. It needs a bit of maintenance and an inspection.

Check Filters

Before you start your air conditioner, check the filters. Even clean filters that were replaced after last season need to be checked. They should be cleaned or replaced regularly during the summer months to make sure you are getting proper airflow and the HVAC system is working to its best ability.

Check The Thermostat

Older thermostats get dirty and damaged. If yours doesn’t keep the temperature or is damaged, consider getting it replaced. There are so many good ones now that are programmable.

If it is in the wrong place it can cause a lot of problems. If it’s getting hit by direct sunlight or close to a lamp or larger appliances, then it should be moved. It can cause your air conditioning to malfunction.

Refrigerant Levels

The fluid in the is what evaporates while the unit is running. It will not run out but a lower level can indicate a leak or a hole someplace. If it is low, have a professional check the unit before starting it, to find and repair the leak.

Clean Unit

Check around the outside of the unit to make sure there is not a pile of old dead leaves, toys, animal nests, or any damages that may have occurred over the winter.

Check Drain Lines

Make sure the line is securely fastened, but also give it a good cleaning. They get clogged so take some bleach in a gallon of water and pour it all through to remove any built-up dirt.

Check The Vents

Make sure the vents are cleared from the outside and the inside. Before you start your air conditioner, make sure there isn’t anything blocking their way, like toys, boxes, drapes, or furniture.

Check Exposed Wires and Ducts

Check over all the exposed areas before you start your air conditioner. Look for damages, breaks, damp spots, tears, and any kind of wear and tear on these areas.

Circuit Board

If you turn the circuit off before the winter, check to see if it is on or has gotten rusty or other damage. There may be problems with it, so if you have switched it on and nothing happens or it cuts out, there could be problems that need to be checked by a professional.

Fans and Blower

Check that everything is as it should be, that it gets a good cleaning and that it is connected and nothing has come loose. Vacuum out the space and wash the blades of the fan to make sure they spin well and don’t spread any dirt around into the air.

Before Starting Your Air Conditioner

Get these jobs done long before summer hits and you find yourself without air conditioning. When you start closing off the heating is the time to start thinking about the air conditioning.

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