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Tips to Protect Your HVAC System Before a Storm

If a storm blows through your area, there’s the possibility it may cause serious damage to your HVAC system. Storms bring along heavy winds, hail, and rain, which all pose a threat to your outdoor air conditioning and heating system. It is crucial that you know how to protect your HVAC system from all types of storm damage.

Do you want to take steps to protect your HVAC system from storm damage? If so, use the tips found here.

Put Protective Covers Over Your HVAC Unit

The hail and debris that are blown by strong winds are two of the most common causes of HVAC system damage. It’s crucial that right before a storm moves through the area (if you have time) that you put a heavy canvas cover or a hail guard over the outdoor components of your HVAC system. This is the best way to protect it from possible storm damage. Don’t use the unit until the system has passed and you can remove the cover.

Install the HVAC Unit in an Elevated Position

If you live somewhere that’s at a lower elevation and flooding is a concern, consider having your HVAC system installed at a higher level. This is going to help prevent the possibility of water damage. It’s a good idea to learn more about the likely height of floodwater in the local area. You can usually find this information online or from the city’s building commission. It’s also possible to ask a local HVAC technician, who can offer insight regarding how you should install the unit to prevent flood damage.

Install a Sump Pump in Your Home’s Basement

Has your HVAC unit been installed in the basement of your home? If so, it may suffer serious damage because of flooding during heavy rain. The best way to prevent this is by installing a sump pump, which is going to prevent floodwater from damaging the HVAC system.

Sump pumps will activate automatically if water is detected in the basement. It will begin to pump the water and prevent the accumulation of rainwater in your basement. It’s a good idea to hire a professional technician to install and maintain the sump pump. The technician can check the power supply of the sump pump when you call for a HVAC system inspection and ensure it is working properly.

Keep Your Yard Trimmed and Clean

Making sure your yard is clean and properly maintained is another way to protect your HVAC system. Debris and dirt that blow from your yard may get into your HVAC system and damage the internal circuitry. Make sure your outdoor unit is clear for a minimum of three feet in every direction. Be sure that you also keep nearby landscape elements and trees trimmed, too.

There’s no reason that your outdoor HVAC unit needs to suffer damage during a storm. Use the tips here and you will find that protecting the system is easier than you imagined.

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