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What Size of A/C Do I Need?

If you realized during the summer months this year that your home needs a new A/C, you be thinking just buy one of those big bad magical boxes, jam it into your window, kick back, and feel that sweet synthetic breeze. While that all sounds pretty dreamy, it’s not quite that simple. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to know what size of A/C your home needs. Buying the wrong size of A/C is a waste of money, and carrying the thing back to return it or send it back isn’t particularly fun unless you’re some kind of an exercise nut.

Need A/C? Don’t Get Squeezed

If the summer sun made it feel like your house was a deep fryer, it’s time to invest in air conditioning. If your old unit broke down, we feel for you, summer is great but not when you feel like you’re being baked. Folks who had a reliable unit that met their needs before breaking down after many years of service can simply replace it with a unit of equivalent size.

On the other hand, if you’re moving into a new home, or have never owned air conditioning before, you might be wondering how to determine the right size. It’s imperative that you know the right size of air conditioning system you need before you buy. While the concept of the bigger the better applies to some things, like houses for example, it doesn’t necessarily apply to air conditioners. If you buy the biggest air conditioning system you can find, it might be much more powerful than what your home actually needs which means you will have wasted quite a bit of money.

There are a lot of air conditioning manufactures out there that try to push customers into buying the biggest and most expensive system possible, but here at Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning, we care about our customers. That’s why we steer them in the right direction instead of the wrong one and help them find the right air conditioning system for their home.

A/C Unit or Air Conditioning System?

The size of your home and your tolerance for heat are two essential factors to take into consideration when deciding between an A/C unit and a system like central air.

If you have a modestly sized home, you might only need to get individual air conditioners based on the sizes of your rooms. Here’s a simple chart to help you determine what size of air conditioner you would need based on the size of any room in your house.

Room Size, by Square Footage Recommended BTUs

0-150 5,000
150-200 6,000
250-300 8,000
300-350 10,000
350-400 12,000
400-450 14,000
450-500 15,000
500-600 18,000
600-700 20,000
700-800 22,000
800-900 25,000

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Whether you’re looking to purchase an air conditioning system or just need your existing one serviced or repaired, Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered.

Enjoy the best in A/C and in service, with Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning, you can beat the heat, but no one can beat our prices. Contact us today!