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Why Replacing Dirty Filters are Important for Your Home and Health

Air pollution happens inside the home too, and much of that can come from not replacing dirty filters in your HVAC system. But dirty filters also make it difficult for your entire system to perform correctly.

Clean air in the home needs to pass through clean filters. Changing or cleaning these filters should be a regular part of your HVAC maintenance routine. They work to keep the air clean but are only effective if they are clean, as well.

Replacing Dirty Filters are Important for Your Home and Health

It’s very important that the air inside our homes is clean and we are not causing ourselves or loved ones to become ill or irritate existing breathing issues.

Dirty Filters Harm Your HVAC System

A dirty filter makes your system work that much harder. That is for the heating and air conditioning. If the air can’t get through, the system has to work overtime to get the same amount of air moving.

This is hard on the system and it also raises your energy bill. Keep the filters clean or replaced every few weeks, in peak seasons. Keep an eye on them to make sure they are working as they should be.

Cleaner Air

When these systems are running, the windows need to be closed. That leaves us at the mercy of the air coming through the filters of the HVAC system, and if they are full of dirt, that dirt will get into the air.

There can be dirt, dust, animal dander and even mold present in our HVAC systems. Breathing that in can make people sick or exacerbate existing respiratory conditions and allergies.

Higher Maintenance Costs

The filters are the lungs of the entire HVAC system. Replacing dirty filters keeps the whole system cleaner and running better. When the system has to work harder, it can cause other areas to weaken, as well.

Once the filter is dirty, the dirt will go someplace else. That means into the air and to other parts of the system. That can clog up other parts and cost you a lot in cleaning and maintenance that you won’t be able to do yourself.

Reducing the Lifespan of Your System

The harder the system has to work each season without you replacing dirty filters, the less amount of time you can expect from your system. The clogged filter will cause the entire system to overwork, overheat, and burn out.

All of the moving parts inside an out of your entire System will have to work harder and start to wear down and wear out. Once the system starts to wear out, you are looking at more repairs and less time before you have to replace it.

Cleaner Home

When the filter is clean and working properly, there is less debris getting out into the air. It means less d air we breathe, but also less dust and grime landing on the surfaces of our homes.

The dust and dirt will land everywhere, carpets, drapes, and even the food we eat. This dusts will settle only to be displaced again by breezes, the system running, or movement in the room.

Replacing Dirty Filters

Replacing dirty filters on your HVAC system is one of the biggest prevention tips to keeping your system in great working order. You can see how important it is, so make sure you have a schedule to check, change, or clean your filters.

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