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Why Sizing is Important for HVAC Installation

Many times, mistakenly, people believe that bigger is better when it comes to HVAC installation. But it is important you get the right size of HVAC system for the size of your house.

The system needs to be able to provide you with the comfort level of heating and cooling that your house can cope with. A system that is too big or too small will cause problems.

Why Sizing is Important for HVAC Installation

Sizing your HVAC system requires a few measurements around your home. This will determine the load capacity that your home can handle in your HVAC system.

Even Cooling and Heating

The right-sized HVAC system will help control the temperature in the room. If it is too big, the system won’t run long enough to do the job. This is not good for the system, either.

The air conditioner not only cools, but it removes humidity. If it can’t stay on for long enough, the room will always feel muggy and damp. The system will short cycle, leading to uncomfortable temperatures.

Better Efficiency

If your HVAC condensor is not big enough, the system will need to run all the time, if it’s too big it will short cycle. That means you will also run up a rather steep energy bill.

The correct size of your HVAC system will run much better and use far less energy to either cool or heat your home. If you have to keep running it or if it keeps stopping, it wastes energy.

Better Air Quality

Not just the humidity will affect your indoor air quality, but when your HVAC system is too big, it won’t run properly. That means it won’t run long enough to properly process the dust, debris, and other particles from the air.

There are a lot of allergens and other particles that can get through the HVAC system. These are removed or trapped in the filters of the HVAC system. If it isn’t running long enough, these allergens can still remain in the air.

Wear and Tear

Another important factor for proper sizing with your HVAC system is that the equipment will get a lot more wear. If it is constantly running or shutting off and on all the time, it will reduce the life of the system.

If it is too big, it cools or warms the house but it will shut down far too soon. The thermostat will turn the system on and off many more times than a properly sized system, and this can wear the system out much faster.


If you spring for a larger HVAC system, you will spend more on the unit and it will cost much more to run it. It can make your energy bills shoot up quite a bit during the hot or cold months.

It will likely need more maintenance and repairs, as it won’t be able to function the way a properly sized HVAC system would. Plus, you may have to replace it all much sooner.

If your system is too big, it may not fit with your ducts system. If it doesn’t get the air flowing, it can get backed up, leak air, and your condenser coils might freeze.

Why Sizing is Important for HVAC Installation

Your HVAC installation is already going to be expensive. Don’t make it worse by getting the wrong size. Call us at Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning for professional advice.

Our trained professionals will guide you through every step of your HVAC installation, to ensure you have the correct size for your home.