Kansas City mini-split system heating

Will Mini-Split Systems Efficiently Heat My Home?

It seems like there’s always some sort of innovation around the corner that can help reduce costs and make something more efficient. Mini-split systems are one such innovation. Never heard of them? Well, if you want to save money on heating this Winter and every Winter after, you’ll want to get acquainted and learn more about this marvelous innovation.

Mini-split heat systems can help you save bundles of money on heating while making your home significantly more efficient. Intrigued? Excellent! Here’s what you need to know about the many advantages of mini-split heat systems.

Introduction to Mini-split Heat Systems

As they probably sound somewhat unfamiliar, you might be surprised to know that mini-split heat systems are not a particularly new innovation after all. They are fairly new to us in the United States, but our friends in Japan have been enjoying the ultra-efficient heating and incredible savings that mini-split heat systems provide for nearly 35 years!

35 years ago, heating wasn’t all that exciting in the United States, there were some improvements to be sure, but nothing as revolutionary as mini-split heat systems. So what is a mini-split heat system? It’s a ductless heating and cooling system with superior performance compared to more conventional means. Did someone say a ductless heating system? They did, because that’s exactly what a mini-split heat system is, and it works!

How Do Mini-Split Heat Systems Work?

How does a ductless heating system work you ask? Like this. Mini-split heat systems rely on an outdoor compressor that can fire up or down according to need. This outdoor compressor is remarkably powerful and efficient which makes it capable of providing adequate heat for an entire household at a lower cost than more conventional heating systems.

Will a Mini-split System Work for You?

Now that you know more about mini-split heat systems, you’re probably excited about the potential savings on heating costs. Then again, you’re probably also wondering if a mini-split heat system is robust enough to actually heat your home efficiently.

The short answer is yes, mini-split heat systems are more than capable of providing you with all of the heat you and your home could possibly need. That said, you’ll need to consult with a qualified heating specialist such as a BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning technician to calculate loss/heat gain to determine the specifics of your system.
Once you get the details worked out you’ll be ready to have your mini-split heating system installed!

Hold your Horses, DIY Is Not an Option

Whoah there, cowboy! Hold your horses! If you’re thinking about installing a mini-split heating system by yourself, think again. Attempting to install a mini-split heating system on your own is a recipe for disaster.

Not only is it incredibly likely that something will go wrong with the installation, but you could also potentially injure yourself and wind up with no heat at all in the dead of winter. Do the smart thing and call in the cavalry by calling BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning for the installation.

Start Saving Today, with a Mini-Split System From BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning

If you’re excited about saving money on your heating costs by having a mini-split system installed, you’re ready to call BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning to have one installed. We’re trusted by the people of Kansas City and the surrounding areas for our technical skill, competitive pricing, and unmatched dedication to customer service.

The only thing better than getting a mini-split heating system is getting one from BEEBE Heating and Air Conditioning!

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