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Winter Checklist for Your Commercial Building Heater

If you own a commercial property in a seasonal climate, following a detailed winter checklist for your commercial building heater is critical to ensuring longevity and optimal performance. If you own a building in the Kansas City area, you probably know that maintaining a heater for your commercial building is crucial to endure the winter months.

If you haven’t yet created an official winter checklist for your commercial property’s heater, then read on to learn the essentials of a winter checklist from the pros at Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning.

Address Any Obstructions Near Heating Components

In the warmer months, objects can sometimes pile up near heaters in commercial buildings. The first step on your winter heater checklist is to make sure that you clear away all trash, debris, and storage from the heater components. You’ll especially want to ensure that no flammable objects are near the building’s heater.

Ensure that in-house maintenance teams and off-site HVAC technicians have proper, safe access to the heating components before it’s time to inspect, check and turn on the heater.

Winter Checklist for Your Commercial Building Heater: Schedule a Full Professional Inspection

Before the onset of winter, the first thing that you’ll want to do is schedule a professional inspection of your building’s heater. Our expert and certified technicians will conduct an inspection of the interior and exterior components of the heating system. Our techs will check parts and functions such as

• the safety control
• Ignition control
• Thermostat
• Belts
• Bearings
• Transformers
•Time Delay
• Air Flow
• Heat Exchange
• Burners
• Igniter
• Blower Wheel
• Venting
• Pilot
• Gas Regulator
• Circuit Board
•Oil Levels
• Connections

Your heater will be under the most strain during the winter months, so setting up a professional inspection will significantly improve its longevity, efficiency, and performance.

Replace Aging or Failing Components

Once the inspection is complete, you’ll want to ensure that all aging and failing components identified through the inspection are promptly replaced. This step is critical to ensuring the effective heating of your commercial building throughout the winter.

Winter Checklist for Your Commercial Building Heater: Adjust Thermostats

You’ll want to ensure that you calibrate the building’s thermostats to an appropriate temperature for the cold months. The building shouldn’t be cold, but you also don’t want the thermostat set too high, which can increase your heating costs and how hard your heater has to work.

Inspect and Clean the Air Ducts

Think about how long it has been since the air ducts have been cleaned, and consider getting them clear of dust, debris, and other potential allergens before winter sets in. Cleaning the air ducts will ensure that the airflow is efficient and that the hot air circulating throughout the building is as clean as possible.

You’ll also want to check for possible damage to the air ducts, such as damage from moisture, rust, water stains, and cracks. Repairs or replacements to parts of the air ducts should be promptly completed before the onset of winter.

Winter Checklist for Your Commercial Building Heater: Check Door and Window Seals to Maximize Heater Efficiency

The more cold air that seeps into your building, the more the building’s heater has to work to compensate for the cold air and keep the structure warm. You’ll want to check all weather stripping and caulking around the edges of the windows and doors to ensure a tight seal.

If you locate gaps where cold air is seeping in, replace the weather stripping or caulking for a proper fit. Ensuring that cold air does not seep into your building will reduce the strain on the heater and lower your overall energy costs each month.

Choose the Professionals at Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning

Following a well-planned, informed winter checklist for your commercial building’s heating system will help ensure the safety and comfort of any personnel in the building as well as the efficiency, longevity, and performance of the heater.

Contact the experts at Beebee Heating & Air Conditioning today to complete your winter checklist for your commercial building heater.